Monday, January 3, 2011


Happy New Year, My Friends!!!!!!!

You are NEVER going to guess where I'm going today!



I, along with many of my fellow chunky butts, am going to Weight Watchers! HOLLA!!!

I know. I am such a freakin cliche.

So, yesterday, I was out car shopping with the hubby because my car, Ina, is shitting the bed. Yes. My car is named after the Barefoot Contessa. And NO. I do not need therapy.

Ina is a ten year old Lexus GS300 and she has TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY-FOUR THOUSAND MILES! Can you even believe that shit?

Anywho, yesterday, Hubs and I took a brief break from car shopping because I was feeling like I wanted to stab the car salesman and I didn't want to disappoint my Mother by making her have to visit me in jail on the second day of the year.

So, we took a brief sanity break and went into this all you can eat chicken restaurant to have lunch. That's where we walked past a cheesy gift shop and saw this:

Immediately I thought...WHAT THE F*&% HAPPENED, INDEED!

So, hi-ho hi-ho, it's back to Weight Watchers I go. Bleh.....

Because seriously?

I KNOW that abundance is a wonderful thing.

But, how many effin chins do I really need? Damn it.


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Dammit! I guessed Disneyland!

Ann-Marie said...

Love that sign.

Natasha said...

You wanna talk cliche? I joined a gym on New Years!