Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You Can Get More Bees With F-Bombs

To refresh your memory, I recently bought a new car. When researching what kind of car I was going to buy, I narrowed it down to two choices...a midsized car and a small SUV.

After analyzing the pros and cons of what each vehicle had to offer, I finally settled on a Nissan Murano. As you will deduce from the following argument that my husband had with my car (YES. YOU READ CORRECTLY. HUBS HAD A FIGHT WITH MY CAR.), I definitely bought the RIGHT vehicle. It's soooooooo me. Hehehe.

THE SCENE: Hubby and I, in the car, using the talking navigation system to get directions. Hubby pushes the start button....

My Car: (INSERT COMPUTERIZED VOICE) Would you like to access phone, navigation, information or help? *BEEP*

Hubby: Navigation.

My Car: NAVIGATION. What state please? *BEEP*

Hubby: Massachusetts.

My Car: MASSACHUSETTS. Please say the city name. *BEEP*

Hubby: Boston.

My Car: BOSTON. Please say the street name. *BEEP*

Hubby: Main Street.

My Car: MAIN STREET. Please say the address number. *BEEP*

Hubby: Two.

My Car: Please say the address number.

Hubby: TWO!

My Car: Please say the address number.

Hubby: TWO!!!!!!!

My Car: Please say the address number.


My Car: Please say the address number.

Hubby: OH, WHAT THE F*CK?!

My Car: Please say the address number.

Hubby: F*CK YOUUUU!!!!!!!!

(Ooooh! He was so pissed!)


Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Did you hear that?! Hahahaha! You hurled an F-BOMB at her AND she SUDDENLY got the address right! Hahahaha! The Navigation B*tch is mocking you! Hahaha!

Hubby: Your car is an a**hole.


Hanlie said...

I think a car that talked to me would seriously annoy me too! It would interfere with my music.

OTerez said...


Amanda said...

Your car is awesome.

ddbug said...


Sarah G said...

HA ha ha!

I've had the same f-bomb laden type of conversation with my blue tooth ear piece for my cell phone. I can *never* get it to turn off by talking to it. What's the point in a hands device that makes me pick up the phone to disconnect it?!