Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Being My Sister Is Lucky Enough

A few minutes ago, I walked into my office (at work) from the production area (manufacturing), when I noticed that I had a message on my cell phone. It was from my sister, Natty.

And because you people are like family to me (I love some of you. Others? You annoy me the crap out of me. See? JUST LIKE REAL FAMILY!), I've decided to share her message with you. You can thank me later.....

Natty: Hi, Sal! I just want you to know that the number 2312 has been really lucky in the Daily Numbers game! YOU SHOULD PLAY IT! That's the number that used to belong to Armand. He WAS the maintenance man where I work...God rest his soul. He played it for 40 years and he used to win ALL THE TIME! And lately, it's been coming out A LOT. So, GO AND PLAY IT! Okay, Princess! BYE!!!!


There you have it, people.

Apparently, I've just given you some winning lottery numbers, courtesy of my sister AND some dead guy.

If you win? I'll take ten percent.

If you lose? Email me and I'll give you my sister's address so you can drive by her house and egg her picture window.

Just kidding, Natty ;)

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