Thursday, March 24, 2011

Denial Is Not Just A River In Egypt

Have you ever heard someone say that the best way to view the world is through the eyes of a child?

Good Lord.

At least in this case? I sure hope not.

You see...

Last week, I spent some time with an ADORABLE five year old girl. We danced to Lady Gaga tunes. We had a fun dinner together. We went to an arcade. And? We drew pictures of each other.

By the way, let me preface the next part of my story by saying that I thought I looked pretty freakin cute that day. But apparently? I'm living in denial, y'all. Because kids ARE REAL....and VERY TRUTHFUL...and THAT means that according to this picture?

My ass is waaayyyy bigger than I thought.

Oh, yeah...AND those pants I was wearing?

Apparently, they made me look like I had a wiener.


I think I need a stylist, y'all.


Amanda said...

According to my older son's earliest picture of me, I have dumbo ears and one piece of hair sticking out of the top of my head.


Yer Cinnamon Girl said...

OMG you got another laugh out loud I mean gees can you stop being so hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Looks spot on to me!!

signed the 5 year old's Dad

thefurkids said...

Oh My Freaking Word. I think I wet myself this time at the picture and your darn comment. You are certifiable. I am screaming laughing. Sally, you crack me up all the time. This time I had to write.