Friday, March 4, 2011

Your Mother Would Be So Proud

Oh boy.

I've got a good one for you today, my friends.

If, by chance, you are reading this while you are eating, let me warn you to brace yourself. It's not going to be pretty.

Remember the post that I wrote about the DISGUSTING grill (CLICK HERE IF YOU HAVEN'T READ IT) that I saw in a customer's lunchroom not that long ago?

Yeah, well I had to go back there last week.

And, because I am a Nosey VonNoseman---or an instigator...whatever you want to call me (you say tomato I say tomahto)...I put my hazmat suit on and went into their lunchroom to do some "undercover" investigating. Hmmm...I suddenly feel like Lisa Ling.

Prepare to puke, y'all.

So tell me. How would you feel about storing your tuna salad sandwich inside of this here beautius REFRIGERATOR?! Huh?

Or toasting your morning bagel in PRIMED toaster over?!

And last, but not least? How'd you like to warm up your big, steaming bowl of chicken soup in this drippy ass microwave?

Yeah. Me neither. I'd rather chew my arm off.

Plus, in addition to the wretched conditions of these bogus appliances, let me proclaim that "Houston? They have a problem!" Because if they didn't? They wouldn't have to bait the friggin critters!

Seriously, dudes. It's all fun and games until big, fat rodents start nibbling at your ankles while you're having lunch. Yikes!

All I can say is, thank GOD they don't work with me...because can you even imagine, for just one minute, what their toilet must look like? Blech. I'd rather pee behind a tree, y'all. For real.


caffeinefreak said...

And you complain about a certain organization that protects employees from these kinds of conditions...shame on you for bad talking my favorite organization!!!
Love your nasty trainer

Hanlie said...

That is just sickening to see! Eew!