Monday, April 25, 2011

You Got To Know When To Fold Em'

Good morning, my friends! Happy Monday!

I know, I know. I've been MIA for quite awhile. Blame it on (A) my regular job, which pulls me in a million different directions and (B) a wretched cold that I've had for 9 friggin days. I don't know why the HELL it's taking me so long to fight this flippin thing! But, after a week and a half of this bologna, I still have a head full of snot and sound like a barking German Shepard when I cough.

I am all kinds of sexy!

Anywho, so during my blogging hiatus, lots of interesting things happened! And one of those things is...*DRUM ROLL PLEASE*...

I let my husband be RIGHT!


Yep, you heard me. Check it:

Last week, Hubs and I went out for breakfast. And he ordered a strawberry waffle (with whipped cream, of course) that was bigger than his head:

It was so freakin humongous, that when the waitress placed it on the table, we both gasped. I was all like...

Me: Dude. You can't possibly eat that whole thing!

Hubs: Just watch me.

Me: Fine. Whatever. But you'd better not puke in my car is all I'm saying.

Hubs: Don't worry about me! I can handle it.

Me: Uh-huh. I've heard that sh*t before.


Me: Holy crap! I can't believe you ate that whole thing!

Hubs: And it was DEEEEELICIOUS!


Me: Dude. Put your seat belt on.

Hubs: I can't.

Me: Why not?

Hubs: My stomach hurts.

Me: Really? (Ooooh! I wanted to say I TOLD YOU SO so frickin bad! But I refrained because I am the best wife EVER...Shut up.)

Hubs: UGH. I think I ate too much.

Me: No kidding?

Hubs: (moaning) UGH. I AM SOOOOOOOO FULL.

Me: Really?

Hubs: Yeah. My stomach hurts. Ugggghhhhhhh......

Me: Dude? Why didn't you just eat half?

Hubs: Ugggggghhhhhh.....BECAUSE.

Me: Because WHY?

Hubs: BECAUSE I AM A SAVAGE PIG (His exact words, people).

Me: Oh. Okay. No more questions your honor.

Hehehe. Who was I to argue?


Karen Keech Lavoie said...

My favorite breakfast~dessert!!

Anonymous said...

The same pestilence is reluctant to leave my lungs...but has left my nasal cavity so I can at least breathe.

Feel better!