Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Step 1: Admit That You Have A Problem

This is how ridiculously obsessed with chocolate that I am.

Last week, I went to Lou's house to help him with some computer issue that he was having. While I was sitting at his desk, I looked down at his mouse pad and said, "Ooooh! What a great mouse pad! Chocolate mousse and a cookie! YUM!"

Lou looked at me like I was batsh*t crazy. He was all, "What the Hell are you talking about?"

I replied, "Duh? Hello? I'm taking about the picture on your mouse pad. Mmmm....It looks yummy!"

He responded, "DUH! HELLO?! That's not a picture of chocolate mousse and a cookie! It's a picture of SAND and a ROCK!"

CRAP. I guess it is...

Look for me on the next episode of INTERVENTION, y'all.


Christine said...

It's one of the japanese rock garden things...but I could get chocolate ice cream and a meringue cookie out of it, if I was hungry enough. lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh that Lou!