Thursday, May 26, 2011

Eat Less. Move More. The End.

A couple of nights ago, I was sitting on the couch watching the Biggest Loser finale.  Holy crap!  Did those contestants look amazing, or what?!  Anywho, during a commercial break, my local news channel gave a preview of a review that they were going to do on the eleven o'clock news.  It was a review for *GET THIS,  PEOPLE* caffeine infused pants.  What the WHAT?!

Upon further investigation, I discovered that there's a company out there (which I won't promote) that claims that YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT over time if you wear their pants/leggings/body huggers.  Apparently, the magic formula is "caffeine infused micro capsules" that are somehow affixed to the fabric fibers of the pants.

Um.  Yeah.  Okay.

You know what I think?   

I think that I'm a pretty intelligent woman.  And if I had any concrete proof that the quick ticket to safe, everlasting weight loss (of which, there is get your asses back on that treadmill) was caffeine?   Dudes.  Everyone else would know about it, too...because I have a big friggin mouth and I would share that information with the world (or at least the three people who read my blog). 

Also?  I would spend all of my free time connected to an espresso IV drip, while soaking in a Tub O' Dark Roast, eating dark chocolate covered coffee beans like they were popcorn kernels. 

I'm committed like that (hmmm....or maybe I should be).


Anonymous said...

Love this blog, wish you would blog more than once a day.

Carrie D. said...

Sally you make me guffaw in a very unladylike nose snorting kinda way. Thanks for that!