Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Try Scouring Those Bad Boys With Steel Wool

In a recent attempt to rid ourselves of excess stuff, Hubby and I decided to clean out our attic and basement. Since neither of us are fans of yard sales, we gave some of our stuff to goodwill and decided to put the larger scale things on Craigslist.

One of the things that I listed on Craigslist was a pressure washer that my husband bought years ago. In the ad, I listed the necessary information that a consumer would need if he/she wanted to purchase it--like the make and model, the working condition, the price, and my Hubby's cell phone number as the preferred method of contact.

About ONE HOUR after listing the pressure washer for sale, we got a phone call inquiring about it.

I swear. I am not even remotely kidding when I tell you that the phone call went just like this...


Hubby: Hello?

Random Guy: Yeah. I'm calling about the pressure washer you have for sale?

Hubby: Yep?

Random Guy: Can I ask you a few questions about it?

Hubby: Sure.

Random Guy: Are you gonna hang up on me?

Hubby: WHAT?

Random Guy: Don't hang up on me.

Hubby: *PUZZLED* Why would I hang up on you?

Random Guy: Okay. So, you have a pressure washer for sale?

Hubby: I thought we'd already determined that. Do you have another question?

Random Guy: Yeah. So, if my girlfriend wanted to use it to wash my balls, do you think it would be powerful enough?


Ladies and gentlemen?

I PRESENT...just one more body of proof illustrating that WE, are INDEED, total a-hole magnets.



Jo said...

Really, someone took the time to call you to ask you that?! Someone has too much time on his hands. Lou needs a better hobby...

Sally said...



You're funny ;)

Anonymous said...

Btw, I actually am looking for a power washer. Need to clean deck and fencing, I know how boring....I am not an a88hole, I supose it's sold?