Thursday, July 21, 2011

Men Are From Mars. Boys Are From Uranus.

In lieu of going to summer camp, my nephew, Jon (he's ten), has been spending some of his days at our place of business.  To keep him busy, we have outfitted our building with his bike, a gocart, an electric scooter, a designated computer for his use only,  a swing, and books.  Trust me.  The kid's got it made.

One day this week, my husband knocked on my office window and said, "Hey, Sal?!  Can you come in here for a second?  You HAVE GOT to see this!"

When I walked into our production area, I saw this (Click on the photo to enlarge it)....

My friends?  This is my nephew, Jon.  He's playing video games on the computer...while wearing swimming goggles AND BREATHING THROUGH a snorkel.  I'm not really sure why.  Although, we did give him a book for boys that had a fart chapter in it.  Maybe he was blowing gears and didn't want to enhale his own butt bombs

I don't know....

Or, maybe boys are just weird.  They are, in fact, just little men in the making, y'all.

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Amanda said...

Boys are weird. I gave birth to two and am married to a third.

Words I never thought I'd say (said to my Elder son): "We don't wear potatoes in our underpants."

Really, a mask and snorkel is well within normal parameters.