Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sometimes "Bite Me" Just Isn't Enough.

Everyday at work, I get tons of pamphlets and brochures aimed at selling me stuff. 

Lots of times, these brochures advertise business seminars that teach people everything from OSHA compliance to how to use software programs.

Today, I received a really interesting brochure for a seminar that I've never been introduced to before.  I thought its topic was really interesting, but I hurled it into the trash because I WAS ABSOLUTELY SURE that I didn't even have to consider partaking in this one...

About an hour later, I was in my office (in the front of the building) talking to a vendor on the telephone, when suddenly I heard a LOUD male voice YELL from the production area (the room right behind my office/desk).  He said, "YOU KNOW WHAT?!  THAT GUY'S AN A**HOLE!  AND YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE????  HE CAN JUST BITE MY SACK!"

NOW...I'm no expert in appropriate workplace behavior, my friends.

But, I'm puh-retty sure that sack-biting doesn't fit the bill.

I need to go dig a brochure out of the trash, y'all.


Shanni said...

I just stumbled onto your blog. It made me laugh. You are RSS'ed :-)


Sally said...

Welcome, Shanni!!!