Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Like A "Misfortune Cookie"

Last night, Hubs and I went to a great little Cambodian restaurant for dinner.  Totally aware that today was my Weight Watchers weigh-in day, I decided to have some tea and the Nam Yaa, which is locally referred to as "medicine soup."  It is absolutely one of the most delicious soups that I have ever tasted in my life. 

In it, there's sliced chicken breast, shrimp, carrots, cabbage, noodles, exotic spices like fresh lemongrass and ginger, and various other ingredients that make this spicy soup completely addicting.  Seriously, I could eat it a few times a week.

Nam Yaa (Medicine Soup)

When I was done eating my delicious soup, I felt completely satisfied.  And I thought to myself, "Sally Costa?  You made a great choice.  You ate something that you feel good about AND you didn't sabotage your day of healthy eating---even though there may have been a few things on the menu that almost swayed you in a negative direction  (I'm talking to YOU, Crispy Chicken Wings).  YOU ARE AWESOME."

Just then, the waitress brought us the check...and two fortune cookies.

Hubs opened his cookie first.  It said something about diligence leading to prosperity.

And mine? 

Well, let's just say that mine proved, once again, that the effin Universe is screwing with me....

The fortune cookie people are a-holes.


Kyle Gershman said...

Yes, but continued on the next fortune it reads..."but WILL make you fat!"

Still a win for Sally!

Suniverse said...

Those fortune cookie people ARE assholes.

Stay strong!