Thursday, January 19, 2012

Reunited, And It Feels Sooooo Good

Somebody once said (and I don't know who the frig it was), "You have to choose your battles.  Do you want to be right?  Or, do you want to be happy?"

I think about this quote often.  Mainly because?   I like being right.  And, I usually am. 

Around here, it's not very hard, people.

At work, my husband and a coworker, Jim, listen to music on satellite radio.  And all day long, I hear them saying shit like, "Dude?  Who sings this song?"  and  "Man!  This is OLD SCHOOL! When was this song released?" 

So yesterday, when the song "Reunited" came on, this was the brilliant commentary that I heard from my desk...

JimWow.  I haven't heard this song in a long time.

HubsBet you don't know who sings it!

JimYes, I do.  It's that Peabo guy.


JimIt' and Simpson.

HubsWRONG.'s...uh.......let me's that band that Philip Bailey sang in.


Me (yelling from the front office):  How about it's, I DON'T GIVE A CRAP?!!!

Hubs:  (yelling back) You're just jealous because I KNOW and you don't!  Hehe...

MeThis isn't a competition!  There are no prizes involved!


Me:  Who the hell is it, already!?  Put me out of my misery!

Hubs:  (sticking his chest out, all smug and shit)  IT CAME OUT IN 1979 AND IT'S SUNG BY A GROUP CALLED PEACHES AND CREAM! 

JimPeaches and Cream?  I never heard of them.

MeThat's because THEY don't exist, you DING DONGS!  The name of the band is Peaches & Herb!

Hubs:  *disbelieving stare*

MeYeah, that's right!  Who's smarter than me?  UHHHH...NOBODY IN THIS ROOM!  Bahahaha!

HubsDamn it.  Even when I'm kinda right, I'm wrong.

JimThat happens a lot around here.

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Amanda said...

And I thought I had a talent for trivia! I bow to the master (erm... mistress) :)