Thursday, March 15, 2012

No More "Sopranos" For You

Yesterday, Hubby and I stopped at a furniture store to look for a storage cabinet.  While I was taking my sweet time--strolling around every room of furniture--analyzing every knickknack and accessory, PC wandered ahead of me into the bedroom section.  Suddenly, from about twenty feet away, I heard him say, "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!"

When I turned the corner and finally caught up with him, I saw this:

........which, incidentally, is SUPPOSED to look like THIS (minus the crazy man sitting in it):

At this point I was all....

Me:  Dude, you're making an ass of yourself.  Get out of there before the security dudes put you on YouTube

PC:  What kind of a sick bastard would put a tiny coffin in their bedroom? 

Me:  That's not a coffin.  It's kinda like a hope chest.  Traditionally, some guys offer these to the women they intend to marry so the women can fill them up with linens and crap.  It's kind of like a pre-bridal shower, except you buy your own shit and save it for when you get married. 

PC:  I don't get it.

Me:  When a man gives a woman a hope chest, he is in fact saying to her, I love you and would like to marry you SOMEDAY, but I am NOT ready for a commitment RIGHT NOW.

PC:  That's not what he's saying.

Me:  Enlighten me.

PC:  If a man gives you one of THOSE, he's either saying, "I hope you drop dead, you stone cold be-otch!" OR, "If you get out of line, I'll cut you up into little pieces and bury you in the backyard!"

Me:  *slowly backing away*  Uhhh...okay.  Let's just agree that this matter should be left open to interpretation.


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Suniverse said...

That is awesome. I would totally hide the cutlery.