Monday, July 23, 2012

He's No Freakin Bobby Flay

Yo, People of the Internet, I'm still here! 

Thank you to all of the peeps who've sent me emails and  Facebook messages asking me if I'm still alive and telling me that you miss me.  If I win the lottery, I'm totally going to hook you all up.  I swear. 

I actually have several blog posts that I'm working on right now, but for today, I just want to share a quick one with you.

Remember last month when I posted a great big Happy 20th Anniversary to my husband, right here on this literary masterpiece of a blog?

Yeah, well I want you to know that I didn't marry the man for his culinary skills, y'all.  Get this....

Yesterday, I had to take Sophia Petrillo (The Mama--who lacks any semblance of a mouth filter) out to make two baby visits.  So, I said to the Husband, who stayed home installing our new dishwasher, "I'll be out most of the afternoon.  There's food in the frig."  And I left.

Fast forward five hours later....

I went home to pick up the Hubs so we could go to a birthday party.  While driving on the highway, we were making small talk when I asked.....

Me:  Did you have lunch?

Hubs:  Yeah.

Me:  Whadja eat?

Hubs:  I cooked.

Me:  Huh?

Hubs:  I cooked.  For myself.

Me:  You?  The man who dry heaves when he sees me pull the skin off of chicken?  You cooked?

Hubs:  Yep!  AND I even took a picture of what I made!  IT WAS DELICIOUS!  Check it out!

*Get ready, people.* 

Those are not ants.

Me:  What the f*ck is THAT?

Hubs:  Only the most awesome sandwich EVER!

Me:  Elaborate please.

Hubs:  THAT is a peanut butter and Fluff sandwich with chocolate JIMMIES on top (Sprinkles, to all of you non-New Englanders)!  And it was soooo good!  It was the perfect mix of creamy, salty, and crunchy... all at the same time!

Me:  *blank stare*

Hubs:  You're in awe of me right now, aren't you?

Me:  Not really, Emeril.

Hubs:  Don't be hatin' on my creativity.

Me:  *sigh*


Patrick said...

Oh I think he needs to mass market that sandwich... Bobby Flay wishes he had created that!


Anna said...

uhhhhhhh .. really? Here's the bigger question, did he clean up after himself?

Amanda said...

My husband would eat that. With glee.

He works in food service. Be afraid... be very afraid.